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Face Mask Info

Fabric Choices

-Recommended fabric for the outer portion of the mask includes heavier, non-stretchfabric – such as denim, duck cloth, canvas, twill, or other tight woven fabric.●Recommended fabric for the inner lining and filter pocket can by other cotton,cotton-blend non-stretch fabric. It can be thinner and softer, but again recommend minimal or non-stretch.

Adequate Filtration to prevent the transfer of particles while breathing, this can be accomplished by using multiple layers of closely knitted (or woven) fabrics. (This is not based on any testing, just based on the fact that surgical masks use three layers of polypropylene.

CDC is expected to tell Americans to wear cloth masks

The new guidance is expected in the coming days and will come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In memos obtained by the Washington Post, the CDC began considering the cloth mask recommendation due to evidence that people without symptoms are transmitting the virus. A draft copy of the policy states that the CDC “… recommends the community use of cloth masks as an additional public health measure people can take to prevent the spread of the virus to those around them.”

According to a report from the Washington Post, the CDC is considering recommending that people adorn do-it-yourself cloth coverings as a way to potentially lower the risk of transmitting the virus and help “flatten the curve.”

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